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I am glad to be a part of Google Local Guides (Level 3).
Adding my reviews and photos is fun to do and I hope it helps all of you that sees my photos and reads my reviews.

Let me know if you are a local guide in your area…
It would be great to share and provide input with each other.

Guide on!

My thoughts after seeing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

So not to give you any juicy details of the movie, I will only generalize my thoughts of it.

For the quality and production of Rogue One: A Star War Story its worthy of continuing on with the Star Wars franchise.  I was a bit worried before with delays and reshoots.  Experiencing it in IMAX 3D is worth the money and enough 3D effects all through the movie to be able to keep my 3D glasses on.

My personal opinion on the movie: even though this movie is based on events prior to Episode IV (A New Hope). I wish that technology should have been at the same level as then but of course its the movies and advancements in props and costumes have come a long way since 1977.  A small disappointment but that didn’t spoil the movie at all to me.

I would definitely recommend this movie anyone that hasn’t seen it yet.  And if you are have not seen a Star Wars movie yet.  This definitely is the starting point movie to see and then the rest of the episodes.

Star Wars – Rogue One

Going to see Rogue One tomorrow @ 10:30am

You must be saying ‘why?’

Reasons why:

  1. I have the day off from work and its a week day
  2. Less kids after the first week it was released, sorry but I really hate a noisy theatre when I’m trying to watch a movie
  3. I am able to choose what seat I want to sit to watch it in IMAX
  4. If it snows tomorrow, there will be less people going to see it

Let you guys know if it was a thumbs up or thumbs down.

RetroPie – The Beginning

For me and probably for most of you that were born in the early 70’s that ate, slept and played video games in their parents basement for most of their teenage years.  To relive those great gaming moments and times you sweated and bitched at that television when you almost had that high score you wanted or needed to pass that level.  RetroPie is what you need.  You can play all the retro games from NES, N64, Sega, Atari 2600, MAME I’ll give you my step by step progress on how I created my own personal gaming machine using my Raspberry Pi 3.

Raspberry what?

You might be thinking…What’s a Raspberry Pi?  It’s a small credit card sized computer.  Original purpose was for education when it first came out in 2012.  A low cost teaching aid in improving programming skills at a pre-university level.

Ever since then, the Raspberry Pi has gained popularity with what its capable of doing.  Its is so much more than it is originally was created for.  There are so many uses for the Pi and  here are just a few examples: Robotics, IP camera, music player, Kodi home theater, RetroPie (my current project), VPN gateway/router, internet browser, NAS server and much, much more.

With many models and generations under its belt, the third generation of Pi, Model B (current model at the time) has a big punch for such a small sized computer.  Quad core CPU with high a clock frequency, ARMv8 64/32-bit architecture, 1 GB memory (SDRAM), built-in 10/100 Ethernet port, 2.4 Ghz WIFI and Bluetooth 4.1.  It has HDMI video output and composite video/analog 3.5mm jack.  What  operating systems can you install?  The most popular are Raspbian, XBMC, Risc OS, OpenElec and ArchLinux. The OS can be installed onto a Micro SD card easily from any MAC or Windows based computer.

The purpose of this blog is to show you ‘how to’ with your Raspberry Pi with my projects.

So stay tuned for next post on Raspberry Pi.  I hope I didn’t bore you yet…  I’m just getting started! ?